A Wake up call by Charles Boms




Fathers Wake Up: A call to men!
Abraham was very rich in silver, gold, cattle and had plenty of servants. This means he was providing adequately for his whole household but there was a testimony God held about him when it comes to being a man in the home front and that is “I know that Abraham will teach his household to obey my commandments”
Abraham was a hard working father but he was still in charge of his home, he didn’t leave his household for his wife to raise alone . God trusted his ability to raise a generation of godly children.
Fathers, your intense labour in providing for your wives and children is highly appreciated even though you (fathers) are hardly celebrated but beyond this, you need to do more than just provision, you need to come home and raise the children, you need to be a lot more intentional in children upbringing than ever before.
One of the persons worst affected by the inefficiency of fathers in children upbringing is the male child. It is generally believed that the male child will, in most cases, naturally follow the footsteps of his father than listen to his mother. So mothers can only try but will find it difficult to raise a complete man.
If the above is true, then the deplorable character of many men in the society today can be traced partly to the failures of fathers both in training their boys and in being a good role model to the boys.
This has terribly shown in the level of irresponsibility exhibited by many men. There are stories all over the places of wife beaters, unfaithful husbands, men who don’t know how to love a woman, men who don’t have the soft skills needed in relationships, men who can’t keep a stable home, who don’t understand what it means to be a father etc..
Isn’t this a display of fatherly failures in the home front?
Fathers, don’t just work to buy cars, establish business and build houses, strive to build a legacy for the men. Build a legacy that will outlive you in the lives of your children, especially the sons..
Jonadab, the Rechabite taught his sons not to drink alcohol and their whole generations, spanning hundreds of years, never taste alcohol.. Even when Prophet Jeremiah offered them wine, they rejected it and recited their father’s instruction to abstain from alcohol.
What useful values are you teaching your son that will become a legacy when you are no more?
Almost everyone I have met will testify of the impact of their mothers in their lives, yet fathers claim to be working hard for the family. Please, wake up and take the mantle of leadership in the home and chart the course of the next generation of men while you continually correct the ills already created in some men.
The home front must be the first priority for both husband and wife. We shouldn’t neglect the children especially the sons in pursuit of career.. We may become richer by pursuing career but we will fail to build a sustainable future for the next generation.
Has it occurred to you that the more society get interested in the pursuit of career, the more our values have degraded over the years?
Fathers, the call is on you to stand up to the task and fix the society, while the mothers give their usual support..
Besides the duty of providing for the family, a father is expected to provide leadership for both his wife and children, he is expected to ensure discipline in his children, he is expected to teach them the way of the Lord, he is expected to enforce corrections in his children, he is expected to be a role model for his boys and even teach his girl about the man.. He is supposed to be the first male friend to his daughters.
This is a call on fathers to put more focus and attention on raising the male child, the male child seems to be a little more difficult to raise than a female child and hence needs a masculine edge. The male child is more likely to emulate his father than his mother, so father need to come back home..
God said of Abraham that “I know he will teach his children to obey my commandments” can God said same about you and your children?
Fathers, It is time to wake up, develop your capacity, seek knowledge and run the home like you run the business and jobs. Get much more intentional about raising your sons to be real men, husbands and fathers.
Most importantly, teaching a male child has more to do with your daily life than just talks and instructions. Your life must model a godly, faithful, gentle, loving, caring and considerate man.
Most times, your son will end up like you…
Which man are you raising that boy to be? Let’s deal with the problem of irresponsible men from the grassroot level by INTERNATIONALLY raising the boy to be a real man and God is counting on you to spear head that in your home..
God is counting on you to this, don’t disappoint Him.
God bless you richly


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